Dip Moulded Products


Filter Adhesive:

Filter adhesive is a specially developed adhesive used in applications to impart bond between metal and cap and filter paper filter elements in automobile filters as well as industrial filters.

Air Filter Plastisol:

Air Filter Plastisol is developed for use as an end cap in the manufacturing of air filters for automobiles and other industries.

SPR-F Plastisol:

SPR-F Plastisol is a special plastisol developed as an import substitute. This plastisol has got special foaming properties and is used as a gasket compound in speedometers and other types of meters in which gaskets are used.

Crown Cork Plastisol:

Crown Cork Plastisol is a specially formulated plastisol for crown corks application. It is used as an inside gasket for crown corks for aerated waters and other bottle closures.

Sealants Plastisol and Adhesives can be specially manufactured to meet customized requirements.


Vinyl organosols usually have excellent vinyl to vinyl adhesion. It has good anti-chemical corrosion property, water body coating, under body coating used at protective and sound absorption.


Plastisol can add color, cushion, texture, safety, and quiet to the surface of your product or part, while simultaneously resisting abrasion, corrosion and electricity. Heat or light stabilizers, flame retardants, bonding agents and other additives are available to meet a variety of specifications including Automotive and Military.

Organosol is used in coatings and other thin layer applications. The classic examples of organosol coatings are supported fabric, clear wear layers for yard goods flooring and foam intermediate layer for yard goods flooring.