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Dip Molding Process

Company Overview

Behind any great enterprise there is a dream, a vision, followed by will to complete, achieve and succeed. To support such entrepreneurial endeavor, Shraddha Dip Moulding Products is the ideal partner able to foresee and satisfy all your needs, with its expertise in PVC compound/granules for moulding articles, pipe grade, cable and wire grade.

more>> Benefits of Dip Molding
  • Low tooling costs…typically a fraction of injection molding
  • Quick and inexpensive prototypes
  • Short lead-times on custom tooling…weeks versus months
  • Innovative materials and textures
  • More vibrant colors can be achieved with vinyl
  • No internal stress molded into parts
  • Large parts can be made without significant tooling investment
  • Multi-Dipping capabilities allow us to design products with two colors or materials on one part – typically used for making products with durable inside liners and more consumer friendly exteriors
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